My name is Kate and I am happy to welcome you here! I am publisher, content creator (beauty & travel industry), also travel concierge and tour guide, various amazing events promoter.

Here I serve my readers the most interesting stories from various unique travels and events.

This blog is where I share my passion for wellness, sailing, travelling for health, active lifestyle and quality life tasting experiences.

I have started my professional journey as a tour coordinator/animator on the Greek Islands (Rhodes, Symi, Crete, Paros) where shortly after I joined Shore Excursion desk on board of Carnival Cruise Lines to learn, work & explore USA, Caribbean and Mexico.  

Since that time I never stop exploring places to meet new amazing people, finding a true potential of various opportunities.  Visiting many different places seemed to be quite normal since my childhood, for all these years it has been taking different forms. There was a time for family trips, sailing camps, language camps, self-exploration, but also for studying (Tourism & Hotel Management in Poland) and in between working in beautiful Greece.

My professional life brings me to United Kingdom where I live with my family. From beautiful Cornwall moved to sunny Bournemouth where we enjoy living by the sea!

Professionally I am attached to customer services, business relations, non profit organisations and as a qualified beauty therapist I am lucky to help people here in Dorset. 

My speciality is virtual assistance, wordpress, shaping new businesses in EU, magazine publishing and everywhere between my passion for sailing & travelling. 

My passion for travelling to unique places has guide me to create a variety of trips for individuals or small groups, mainly to Great Britain and European countries.

I realise that our health and well-being are the most important things in your life. They impact how everything else happens and is received by us.

My passion for sailing and travelling is still important part of my life.  Sailing it is not just sport it is amazing lifestyle which I actively promote to the readers at any age. I learning about different countries since I was a kid, loved geography and I always  wanted to know more, observe more and understand more about human behaviour, climate change too. All my life lessons came naturally and I had to learn how to choose what’s important in life. At certain time of my life I decide to study biology and public health, beauty therapy as part of my ‘in land’ business development.

I realise that our health and wellness are the most important things in your life. They impact how everything else happens and is received by us. Every afford, treatment we do, we should consider best for our health and treat this as an investment to our body and improvement of our life.

Since I live and travel I realise there is no direct and fast health advice on certain conditions. Human connections is a key factor. I started non profit well-being organisation I focused on promoting awareness and encourage people to take this first step to make a change in their life. This October my organisation will host different events to promote and support cancer warriors. As founder of Association of Polish Beauty Professionals in United Kingdom, I become a publisher of Polish Beauty Journal.

What can you expect from 'Kate by the sea'?

When I started writing different content and articles, I believed with all my heart that I could create something that would help and inspire others. Even those who are still hesitating, afraid or think they are insufficient to have the life they dream about – whether in terms of sailing, travelling, or trying something new and unique. I adore non commercial places with unique organic feel to don`t let me forget.  



Here I share my observations and impressions about the sailing events (not only) and places I have been to, amazing experiences, holidays for health, love for nature. I’ll show you how to organize your business or a trip by yourself, reach places far from mass tourism and experience unique things in the most hidden places in Europe. I encourage you to start planning your retirement at any time that suits Your lifestyle – not when you reach your time.

Do you think where to spent winter time to comfortably manage your businesses? I can show you this here. My mission is to show you that in life you don’t have to give up anything, and sailing or travelling is not an obstacle against other passions. You don’t have to give up your life to sail or travel the world, but you can make it a part of your reality. I believe that everything in life is achievable, although sometimes some things just take more time and commitment. 


I will enjoy following waves: 

  • sailing
  • trekking
  • wellness/medical spa 
  • hospitality facilities 
  • travel attractions
  • food related businesses
  • health/beauty
  • medical related to chronic health conditions


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